18 Weeks – At The End Of The Tunnel

I think I have finally emerged from the first trimester. 

My nausea is 98% gone.

My sinusitis has 99% gone.

My gum infection has settled.

Even my skin has calmed down.

Phew! My energy is mostly good, but about once every 7-10 days I need an additional daytime nap, which I’ve managed to fit in either when the boys are at preschool or the husband is home.

I was really worried about the baby last week and it’s only just subsided. I have been getting some aches and pains the last few days which I automatically (of course) attributed to impending miscarriage. However, turns out 16+ weeks sees a growth spurt, and given my right ligament has been playing up again after being quiet for a few weeks, and my youngest’s swimming teacher’s remark that I have popped a bit since she last saw me (7 days ago), I’m guessing it’s just growing pains.

This weeks weight gain is a whopping 700g (1.5lb), and I have hardly been eating for two. Total weight gain is now 3.5kg (7.7lb), so that would confirm my theory.

I’ve finally started a list of things to buy  (big milestone!) and while the spare room still doesn’t look much better, I’ve sorted out a lot of stuff from downstairs to make space for things from upstairs.

Overall, I am finally feeling physically well, hooray! And mentally like I’ve gotten to the next level – like I can start thinking about buying necessary things – it’s no longer some kind of crazed fantasy. Actually getting the cot out. Thinking about birth plans. Maybe doing some emotional work on clearing the decks of the previous births. An 18 week first trimester is not an easy ride, and I am very glad to leave that part behind.

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