16 Days Past Ovulation

I finally braved another test this morning. Lo and behold – a proper line!

still think that day 14 is lighter than day 12, but today’s is good and that’s what counts (I hope).

16dpo progression

My temp shot back up to 98.8 today, after hovering at 98.6 for the last two.

So, going forward, I won’t be testing any more. And I’m still on the fence about when to let the docs know.

My next milestone is 6.5 weeks, as I’ve lost two pregnancies at that point before.

Symptoms-wise, I have none (and had none in the two week wait), apart from very sore boobs.

Mentally/emotionally I’m feeling great. Just going to take it one day at a time. No sense of dread like last time, no sense of desperation for scans and reassurance like last time. I think I just know my body will do what it needs to do. It pretty much always did, so I’m not going to doubt it any more, I will just accept that it knows more than I do about what’s going on in there.

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  1. Happy that you got a darker line today! I agree with the others, I’m impressed with your peace in all this. Hope you continue to have a positive outlook, and that things only go upwards from here for you 🙂

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