10dpo and Counting

I woke at 3:30am and needed the loo desperately. In the pitch dark I did a pregnancy test as quietly as I could because I didn’t want to miss that overnight store of hormones. If you have ever tried peeing on a stick in the pitch dark, let me tell you that it is not easy. There is a considerable amount of fear involved. Would I pee all over my own arm? Or worse, the floor?

How would I explain to DH that I was cleaning up wee, in the bathroom, in the middle of the night?

I had no idea if I even hit the stick, but I wrapped it in some tissue and went back to bed.

This morning it was dry, so I didn’t get a good look at the 5 minute result. However, 22 months of practice paid off – I appear to have wee’d more or less on the right end.

All I could do this morning was compare it to the previous dried sticks.

You all know what I’m looking for – signs of progression. Signs of HCG increasing.

Here are my tests so far:

10dpo positive hcg test

And here is my internal dialog:

Those lines are almost non-existent

Yes, but it’s still very early – still four days til my period is due! It’s still early enough to get pregnant and not even have implanted yet.

Hmm. But they are still so faint… shouldn’t they be getting darker? HCG increases really fast, why aren’t they getting darker?!

You know that HCG starts out below 5miu at implantation. It’s probably in the region of 2.5miu when it first gets into your bloodstream, you’re not going to notice much change in the beginning.

Doesn’t it double every two days or something? Shouldn’t there be more of a change?

The doubling time is every two to three days on average. Even if it was two days, rather than three, and it started at 2.5miu, it’s still only going to be 5miu TODAY and you are using a 10miu test. Come on woman, do the maths!

Hmm. OK. Shall I do another test at lunchtime?

Oh for goodness’ sake.

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  1. Looks darker to me too – plus, like you said, it’s really, really, really early – my line at 14DPO was faint and I had taken one previously at 11DPO and there was absolutely nothing there (and they were both FRERs). Give it time – it will get there! Excitement is in the air!

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