1000 Items Out – Possible?

As I creep closer to donating/throwing out/selling/giving away 700 items, I’m starting to wonder about making it to 1,000.


Already I know that the collection of things I have left is going to run to much less than this, (in fact, probably less than the 670 things I have already gotten rid of), so I’d have to be moving onto household things or children’s clothes and toys. However, I’m pretty certain that there’s more than enough stuff still around the house to get to this number.

And the more I get rid of, the more I want to get rid of.

I really want to streamline everything and only have items around that really do get used.

I’ve dealt with so many items over the last few months that have been sat on my to-do list forever. It’s now easier to tidy up, easier to find things, and easier to search for things if we do misplace something.

Not only that, but I am noticing changes in how I feel about other people, hobbies, habits, socialising and planning for the future.

Everything is shifting under my feet as things continue to leave the house and most of the time I am loving the ride.

So – a big push to get to 1,000 items is coming. There are a couple of personal categories (jewellery and papers), which I’m reluctant to deal with, so instead of spending (yet more) time on things that are going to cause me emotional angst, I’m going for easier targets and hopefully with the clearer path ahead, the more difficult items will be less daunting further down the line.


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