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I am certain there is no one out there any more, but that’s not going to stop me talking to myself. I have been offline for almost a month in a kind of privacy-craving manner, but no… In the end I couldn’t keep away. Like the embarrassing diaries I used to write when I was younger I just… cannot…stop myself… and had to reappear like some scary ex-girlfriend that you thought you had gotten rid of… mwah hah haaa!


Work stuff
1) Work is never-ending. The project I am working on just goes on forever and ever without respite.

Leisure stuff
2) Steve and I have bought lovely, lovely mountain bikes. Many years ago, my most favourite bike (that I once cycled 1800km on around Europe, but that’s another story), went missing from my friend’s garage, and since that day I have never really had the inclination, need, or cash to replace it. Until now! A very, very nice man called Nigel, who works in our local bike shop, let Steve and I try out most of the bikes in stock before we finally decided which lovely ones we wanted. He was very patient – particularly as I was probably more indecisive that day than I have been for years. Buying a car? I’ll take the green Polo please. Renting a house? We’ll have the first one please. Getting a job? I want that one please. Buying a bike? Oh lordy.

Can I try the first one again? Why aren’t the handle bars straighter? Are the wheels on this one strong enough? (Nigel eye-balls my 8 stone frame and looks mildly amused). What’s the difference between these two? But what if I want to go off-road? Could I ride to work on it? Aren’t the tyres on this one too fat? Can I make the handlebars shorter? This one feels funny. I don’t like the shape of that one. Can’t I get a man’s style frame on a woman’s bike? Is this one going to be too heavy? Where’s the water bottle going to go in that frame? Maybe the wheels are too small. These wheels might be too big. I can’t turn corners on that one. Can I try the other one again?

It’s a good job I don’t know a lot about bikes, else I would have been there all day drawing up a matrix for parts comparison and cost analysis.

Finally I found perfection in a Saracen Zena, their nicest women’s MTB, comfy fit, good reach, lovely looking, not too expensive for getting started again after such a long time out of the saddle, and just the right size (after having the handlebars shortened and buying some slicks for riding on the road, cause the orginal Tioga tyres stick to concrete like glue).

Steve says: “I’ll take the Trek.”

I was scared to ride mine when we first picked them up in case I didn’t like it. We’ve taken them out a couple of times now. It’s a beauty :-)

More leisure stuff
3) We’ve now got a roof rack to fit to the car and are trying out some local trails out of town next weekend, yay!

Health stuff
4) I tried following Gillian McKeith’s Ultimate Health Plan. I did three and a half days and it was so bad that I now eat twice as many fruit and vegetables so I don’t ever have to feel guilty about my eating habits and go through it all again.

Garden stuff
5) I have new plants in our otherwise bare garden! Steve’s mum and I had a green-weekend and now I am eargerly awaiting fuschia glory. The big ones seem to like the patio, but the seeds we planted haven’t done anything yet, even though I have talked to them and the woman next door thinks I am mad.

Cooking stuff
6) I’ve tried 3 different muffin recipes in the last 3 weeks and still can’t make them taste how I want.

Social stuff
7) Steve and I spent this weekend in Essex with the girls (and their other halves). Alice and Sarah have baby bumps!! It’s so exciting!

Happy people:


More happy people:

Somehow Steve has managed to talk us into doing the Great South Run this year in October. Sarah and I ran this 18 months ago, and it was really great fun (for a 10 mile torture). This year the pregnant ones are obviously not able to join in, so me, Steve and Belle are going to give it a go (plus anyone else we can brainwash in the next week or so). Suddenly I am excited about having a fitness goal (and getting another big, fat medal of course).

Faye and Sarah get to know pain at about 8 miles in 2004:

great south run great south run

Retro stuff
8) My brother and I have been feeling retro and downloading old BBC computer games. Check out the BeebEm emulator, and all the games available on this site. We got so excited about all the long-lost games the neighbours probably though we’d won the lottery. The most excitement of all was caused by Castle Quest and Repton… at last I can finish what I started when I was 10.

Holiday stuff
9) Steve and I have randomly booked a weekend in Bruges in July. How groovy is that? Alice and Sarah have both been and said it’s wonderful. Lots of canals and v romantic. I can’t wait!

Ebay stuff. Literally.
10) There isn’t actually a 10. Isn’t that enough already? No? Oh, alright then. I’ve just won an entire new wardrobe on ebay, by bidding on and winning inadvertently (I thought someone would outbid me), a massive bundle of size 8-10 clothes (over 60 items!!!). Much fun and trying-on to be done when my box of dressing up outfits arrives.

Lotsa love, Fxxx

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