Healthy Eating Days 6-8

I’ve saved last weeks food and mood diary as a PDF, which hopefully you can view using the link. The edges are cut off and I don’t have time to sort them out to look all pretty right now, but I thought it might be useful if anyone wanted to see what I am actually eating. My nutrition lady said I did really well in the first week, and that my energy and mood should pick up by the end of this week:


And I think things are on the turn. I still have the remnants of a horrible cold, but I had enough energy this afternoon that I actually wanted to go out for a run. I’ve only been once since the GSR and have just not had any love for it, but today it was awesome to be back out. I did an easy 4km and enjoyed it. I’m relieved that I haven’t lost all my fitness in the three weeks I’ve had off, since I am supposed to be doing a half marathon in January (whether I will or not remains to be decided).

Quick vlog update too:

2 thoughts on “Healthy Eating Days 6-8

  1. I’m so pleased to see you are improving health wise and that you got a run in this week. Yay! I’ve had a shocking couple of weeks for exercise and this week was also completely rubbish for food. You know I wonder if the improvements are more from the addition of more nutrients rather than the direct removal of treats? I mean treats are fine in moderation. Anyway just thinking out loud to myself really. I hope things keep going well. You might inspire my mojo!! Ha!

    • I think that’s probably the biggest factor. Eating a proper lunch and dinner is a novelty and probably supplying half the stuff I’m missing. My mood is finally evening out though, and I’m not getting the highs and crashes I live on normally. Must do an update, lol!

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